Tier 2 Canada Research Chair Position, Entrepreneurship (SME/SMO), Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) is calling for applications for a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair dedicated to the study of entrepreneurship and/or SMEs and SMOs. The person sought will complete and strengthen the Institut de Recherche sur les PME [SME Research Institute] (INRPME; www.inrpme.ca) team and will make a significant contribution to the development of the Institute’s research topics. All expertise and perspectives regarding the study of entrepreneurship and/or SMEs and SMOs will be considered. Thus, the person sought could be an expert in entrepreneurship and/or SMEs and SMOs with one of the following specializations:

  • A specific theme, such as: entrepreneurial cognition; start-up process; gender, diversity and entrepreneurship; social and sustainable entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial coaching; entrepreneurial education; family entrepreneurship; business transfer; social economy small and medium-sized organizations; high technology SMEs; local and regional development and SMEs-SMOs; etc.
  • A management function: for example, entrepreneurial finance; marketing of SMEs and SMOs; SME-SMO accounting; human resource management in an SME-SMO context; SME-SMO management strategy, performance management within SMEs-SMOs, information system management in an SME-SMO context, etc.

Versatility in research theory and methodology as well as the candidate’s ability to develop fruitful collaborations with other researchers working in the fields of entrepreneurship and/or SMEs and SMOs will be the subject of special attention during assessment of the applications.

Canada Research Chairs

Tier 2 Canada Research Chairs are awarded after a thorough assessment process to exceptional emerging researchers. Candidates who wish to obtain a Tier 2 Chair must have held a Ph.D. for less than 10 years when they submit their application to the Canada Research Chair Program (April 22, 2019). Those who have held a Ph.D. for more than 10 years (and whose careers were interrupted because of maternity leave, parental leave or a prolonged medical leave among others) may have their eligibility examined using the Tier 2 Justification Assessment form from the Canada Research Chair Program. Please contact UQTR’s Deanship of Research and Creation to obtain more information regarding the justification process (drc@uqtr.ca).

Commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

UQTR is determined to offer a workplace that is fair, diversified and inclusive, which is essential to the development of knowledge and innovative technology. That is why UQTR is committed to complying with federal policies regarding non-discrimination and equity in employment. The University specifically encourages women, members of visible minorities, Indigenous persons and persons with disabilities who have the required qualifications to present their application. Adaptation measures can also be offered to persons with disabilities according to their needs.

Application process

Those who wish to apply are invited to submit their application before December 14, 2018. The application must include: a curriculum vitae, a brief description of the research program that will be developed during the Chair (3 pages); several examples of significant contributions to their research field (articles with a reading committee, monographs, etc.); a letter stating how the Chair program aligns with the INRPME’s themes and highlighting the possibilities of collaboration with the Institute’s other members; as well as the names of three referees who are willing to write a letter of recommendation in their favour. The candidates may also submit with their application any statements regarding special circumstances that caused a slow-down or interruption in their research activities. UQTR will take these special circumstances into account when examining the applications. All documents required shall be submitted in a single PDF document using the online self-disclosure statement form available at: www.uqtr.ca/CRC_Declaration_volontaire.

Selection process

Each application will first be evaluated by a committee responsible for identifying applicants that adequately meet the University’s selection criteria as well as that of the Canada Research Chair Program. The applications retained will then be submitted to a committee who will ensure that UQTR’s rules and objectives regarding equity, diversity and inclusion matters have been taken into consideration. Since granting of the position is conditional to approval by a University Department, candidates will have to undergo the hiring process for the department before presenting an application to the Canada Research Chair Program. The successful candidate will be invited to present a complete application to the Canada Research Chair Program, and successful Chair recipients will be granted a tenure-track professorial position.

Useful links

For more information regarding the Canada Research Chair program, consult the program’s site at: http://www.chairs-chaires.gc.ca/home-accueil-eng.aspx

For more information regarding the Canada Research Chair awarding process at UQTR or the selection criteria, consult the following website: http://www.uqtr.ca/CRC_balises.

For more information regarding the Institut de Recherche sur les PME’s (INRPME) scientific programming and its research topics, consult the following website: www.inrpme.ca

For more information regarding the adaptation measures that can be provided for persons with disabilities, contact Ms. Annie Dubois with the UQTR’s Human Resource Department at: Annie.Dubois@uqtr.ca